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digiPOS digital terminal from Ardshinbank: cash register in your smartphone

Continuously improving service conditions and expanding the range of services, Ardshinbank presents its customers with a new digital payment option - digiPOS digital payment terminal. It is an application thanks to which devices working with Android operating system and NFC system (smartphone, tablet, etc.) become a POS payment terminal.

Ardshinbank digiPOS accepts non-cash and contactless payments from debit and credit cards, including Apple Pay, Google Pay payment services anytime and anywhere.

To use digiPOS digital payment terminal, it is necessary to download the Ardshinbank digiPOS application on a smartphone with Android 8.1 or newer operating system and NFC technology, register and activate users.

According to Artur Hakobyan, director of SME business of Arshinbank, the digital terminal allows SME business owners and individual entrepreneurs to receive payments quickly, conveniently and safely anywhere and at any time.

“It is portable, always with you, no need to recharge and buy receipt paper. Especially suitable for mobile business owners. I want to emphasize that the process of activating a digiPOS is much shorter than when connecting a traditional POS-terminal” A. Hakobyan noted.

To activate digiPOS, you can approach any branch of the bank or apply online via this link: https://www.ardshinbank.am/en/content/pos-apply. Bank specialist will contact you, answer all your questions and organize the process.

For the first 50 RA resident customers applying for Ardshinbank digiPOS, there is a special offer:

  • Free account maintenance during the first year
  • Free Internet/Mobile banking
  • Free personal manager service to quickly solve possible issues.

Terms can be found here.

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