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Ardshinbank Improves Terms of Mortgage Loan

According to Ardshinbank’s new mortgage lending terms, the annual interest rate has been reduced in case of AMD 35 million maximum credit limit. Ardshinbank provides loans for the purpose of residential property - up to AMD 100 million credit, starting from 6.97% effective interest rate, moreover, without the requirement of income analysis.

The Bank takes part in numerous mortgage lending projects, offering lending solutions for different society layers. Thus, customers are given the opportunity to be more comfortable in the choice of purchasing their dream house.

Recently, the Bank has improved mortgage lending terms under National Mortgage Company and Affordable Dwelling for Young Families - raised the borrower's age limit, reduced downpayment and extended the loan term.

For further details on mortgage loans, please visit or call Ardshinbank's 24/7 call center at 012222222.



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