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Ardshinbank has opened a new branch in “Multi Magic Mall” shopping center

Ardshinbank is opening one more branch (“Hatis”)  in the newly built shopping center. The new branch is located on the ground floor of “Multi Magic Mall” shopping center in Kotayk region.
The branch will serve both individuals and legal entities. Here you can apply for a loan, debit and credit cards, make a deposit, carry out account transactions, connect to online services and applications, as well as make payments through self-service terminals.
The bank also values the customers of small and medium businesses operating in the shopping center and in the neighborhood, who will be offered affordable and flexible credit products, such as business cards, short-term and long-term loans, as well as devices for accepting payments - digital POS terminals. 
“There is always a large flow of buyers in shopping centers, so the bank's branch will certainly be in demand,” mentioned Artur Hakobyan, a member of the Management Board of Ardshinbank, Director of SME Business
“We try to provide maximum comfort for our customers. Having a service point in the shopping center expands and complements the usual formats of Ardshinbank's presence. Visitors of the shopping center, employees and residents of nearby settlements will be able to use the services of Ardshinbank on high-quality service conditions. This is the new format of our presence, with extended working hours, and we really hope that it will serve both  the visitors of “Multi Magic Mall” and those  living and working around” emphasized A. Hakobyan.
The new “Hatis” branch of Ardshinbank is located in Kotayk region, Verin Ptghni, 1st district, 5th street, 1st blind alley, 5th building. The branch operates 7 days a week, customers are welcomed from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

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