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Ardshinbank CJSC calls for public bids (hereinafter referred to as the “Tender”). Below are the Tender terms and conditions:


Tender general information

The Tender organizer is Ardshinbank CHSC (hereinafter also referred to as the “Bank”),

The Tender is organized for procurement of:

  • IT systems external penetration test – one-time
  • IT systems internal penetration test – one-time
  • Social enginnering test – one time
  • APT (advanced persistent threat) test – two-time  
  • Web applications test – one-time
  • Mobile application, android, ios test – one-time

Tender procedure, terms and conditions

  • Applications (bids) shall be submitted from September  «08» 2022 to September «20» 2022, every business day from 09:30 to 17:00;
  • The Tender is conducted and the bids are submitted at 13 Grigor Lusavorich Street, Yerevan 0015, Ardshinbank CJSC Head-Office;
  • The Tender invitation is published in the announcements section of "Ardshinbank" CJSC official website (www.ardshinbank.am);
  • For further information on participation in the Tender  you can send message to [email protected],
  • The bidders affiliated with the Bank or the Bank employee are not eligible to participate in the Tender, including bidders who have behaved in bad faith, provided services, delivered goods or performed works in violation of the contract terms of the and/or have been fined within cooperation with the Bank. Such bids will not be further considered by the Tender Committee.
  • To participate in the Tender, the bidder shall submit to Ardshinbank CJSC:

a) a tender bid signed and sealed by the bidder in accordance with Annex 1, enclosed by the required information and documents;  

b) tender participation contract signed and sealed by the bidder in accordance with Annex 2;

c) other information necessary for the conclusion of the contract, at the bidder’s own discretion.

  • Information and documents for the Tender shall be submitted in a closed, glued, sealed (if there is a seal) and signed envelope;
  • The following entries are made on the Tender application envelope:
  • 13 Gr. Lusavorich street, Yerevan 0015;
  • To Ardshinbank CJSC, Tender Committee;
  • Bid for “Penetration Testing”;
  • Organization name, address, telephone number, website (if any),
  • the words “Do not open before the bid opening session”.
  • For foreign organizations, the application can be submitted electronically and encoded to [email protected]. The bidder shall send the code to [email protected] at 10:00 on the day following the end of the envelope submission deadline:
  • Whenever the bidder meets all the requirements set by the Bank, but offers higher quotations than the market price of such services, the Bank may cancel the Tender.
  • Procurement is made without prepayment, directly or in stages, based on the contract and the performance (delivery and acceptance) act by receiving appropriate payments or, if necessary, a bank guarantee issued by a commercial bank registered in the RA territory in the amount of prepayment not exceeding 20% of the contract value.
  • Bidders can participate in both partial and full Lots.

Winner determination procedure

  • The Winner is the bidder who confirms (agrees/accepts) all the requirements of the Bank and at the same time offered the lowest price for each Lot.
  • Whenever two or more bidders have offered the same lowest price, the Bank is liable to negotiate with the bidders offering equal terms and conditions and to conclude a contract with the bidder with the lowest bid.
  • Whenever the Bank fails to inform the bidder(s) about the Tender results within 30 business days after the end of the Tender, it is considered that the given bidder(s) has(have) not been recognized as a winner in the Tender.
  • Within 30 business days after resuming the Tender, the bid of the Winner is published in the Tender Archive section of the Bank website (applicable only in cases where the criterion for determining the winner is the price only).

Procedure and conditions of contracting with the winner

  • Ardshinbank CJSC shall conclude an contract with the the Winner.
  • Payments for the services of the Winner will be made by non-cash bank transfer via the current bank account of the participant with Ardshinbank CJSC (except for foreign organizations).
  • Services shall be rendered in accordance with the Tender proposal and the contract.

Annexes to the Tender announcement

Note: The tender organized under this announcement is not regulated by the RA law “On Public Auctions”.

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