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Individual deposit boxes

Ardshinbank offers safe-deposit boxes as a secure and affordable way to keep valuable things. The vaults are equipped with a modern security system and have a high degree of protection. Each safe-deposit box has two keys, one of which is provided to the customer and the other is stored in the Bank. The box can be opened only with the simultaneous use of two keys.
We are responsible for the safety and security of each safe-deposit box and we guarantee the secrecy of our customers. The customer is free to choose among the box sizes and lease terms ranging from 1 day to 1 year. 
The service is provided at Ardshinbank Head Office and branches of Erebuni, Shengavit, Kentron, Yerevan, Nalbandyan, Arabkir, Ejmiatsin, Sisian, Goris, Kapan, Ijevan, Martuni, Dilijan, Artashat.
For signing a contract customers are required to present only an identity card.

Tariffs in AMD, including VAT

Lease term


(80mm*180mm*450, 750mm*255mm*425mm, 50mm*310mm*435mm, 75mm*310mm*435mm)


(155mm*255mm*425mm, 125mm*310mm*435mm, 175mm*310mm*435mm)


(180mm*420mm*450mm, 155mm*550mm*425mm, 200mm*620mm*435mm, 525mm*620mm*435mm)

1-7 days

AMD 3,000.00

AMD 4,000.00

AMD 5,000.00

8-14 days

AMD 5,000.00

AMD 6,000.00

AMD 7,000.00

15-30 days

AMD 7,500.00

AMD 8,500.00

AMD 9,500.00

31-90 days

AMD 15,000.00

AMD 18,000.00

AMD 20,000.00

91-180 days

AMD 22,000.00

AMD 25,000.00

AMD 30,000.00

181-270 days

AMD 25,000.00

AMD 28,000.00

AMD 32,000.00

271-365 days

AMD 29,000.00

AMD 33,000.00

AMD 39,000.00


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