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Premium segment cards

Premium segment cards underline your character, position, achievements and successes.

These cards provide with maximal comfort in the best hotels, trade centers and amusements places of the world.

Premium services of payment card include:

  1. CASHBACK service at the rate of 3% of cashless payment by a card (it provided from  01.01.2015);
  2. In case of losing the card abroad, Visa GCAS service for suspension, urgent cash provision and card reissuance and consultation. The service is valid twenty-four-hour in 9 languages and 550 international phone numbers. (Only for cardholders of payment and settlement system)
  3. Discounts in more than 50.000 hotels of the world. 
    Make hotel booking at (Only for cardholders of VISA payment and settlement system).
  4. Discount in more than 800 best hotels of the world. On-line booking of the suit and many surprises.
  5. The service is available at (Only for cardholders of VISA payment and settlement system).
  6. Issuance of a membership card of Priority Pass club. Use the opportunity to wait for the flight and to have a rest in rest and amusement VIP halls of more than 100 countries of the world. The system is available also in Itunes store-hall and enables an opportunity to find the nearest business hall and to refresh the list of business halls.
  7. Discounts abroad. For more information visit or
  8. Concierge service. 
    Enables an opportunity to use international concierge service, which includes booking of hotels and tickets for various measurements, restaurants all over the world. (Only for cardholders of VISA payment and settlement system).

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