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Payment and Settlement Services

CJSC ''Ardshinbank'' opens current accounts for legal entities in Armenian drams and foreign currencies without any charge. The Bank performs complex service of accounts, as well as all those settlement and cash-desk operations upon the client's request, which are prescribed by the RA legal acts. The clients can perform input and withdrawal operations of funds through their accounts. For opening an account the client can send an application either by fax or e-mail and the required documents can be provided later either in person or by mail. Before opening an account, please, read the following conditions.


Bank accounts of resident and non-resident legal persons and sole entrepreneurs

1. Maintenance of a bank account

1.1. Fee for opening a bank account


1.2 Fee for annual service of a bank account1 (except for credit accounts)

5,000 AMD

1.3 Fee for closing a bank account

1.3.1 According to the client’s application  


1.3.2 Without the client’s application2

2,500 AMD

1.4 SMS notification on movement and the balance on a bank account  (including deposit and credit accounts), per each message

30 AMD 3

2 Bank account balance

2.1 Minimum bank account balance

 not required

2.2 Annual interest rate to the daily balance of the account 4


other currency



3 Information services

3.1 Provision of bank account statements (including deposit and credit accounts) for a period of 1 month

0 AMD 3

3.2 Provision of bank account statements (including deposit and credit accounts) at the client’s request, for a definite period
3.2.1 for a period from 2 to 12 months inclusive (per each statement of each account) 
3.2.2  for a period over 12 months (per each statement of each account)


2,000 AMD 3 + postage (if any)

3,000 AMD 3 + postage (if any)

3.3 Provision of references: 

3.3.1 Standard references in Armenian/English 5 
3.3.2 Non-standard references and similar payment documents in Armenian/Russian/English (according to the client’s written application)6

2,000 AMD 3 + postage (if any)


5,000 AMD 3 + postage (if any)

3.4 Preparation and provision of replies to audit inquiries to organizations

10,000 драм РА 3+ postage (if any)

1 In case of one AMD or more than one foreign currency account, the service fee is charged only for one AMD and one foreign currency account. The account service fee is charged at a time for every 12 months.

2 If the client does not perform transactions on all accounts continuously for 12 months, the Bank charges a fee of AMD 2500 and closes the client's accounts if the total balance is zero:

2.1 In the absence of sufficient funds in the client's accounts, the Bank shall charge a fee in the amount of the current account balance(s).

2.2 If the total account(s) balance is 2'500 AMD or more: 2'500 AMD, and starting from the 13th month for the following non-working period: 1'000 AMD per month.

3 Tariffs include Value Added Tax (VAT).

4 The interest rate accrued on the balance of the bank account of non-resident legal persons includes the profit tax rate (in cases stipulated by the RA legislation).

5 Standard documents of the Bank include documents on the presence of bank accounts, balances, absence of accounts, deposit accounts, loan obligations, absence of obligations with the Bank.

6 Non-standard references of the Bank are considered to be documents not specified in clauses


Internet Banking System for legal entities and sole proprietors





User registration fee at Internet Banking system (including transfers through flesh drive)



Additional user registration fee at Internet Banking system



Training and counseling fee for Internet Banking system



Account monthly service fee for Internet Banking system



Service fee for viewing the account activity by Internet Banking system



Provision of new certificate for security in case of violation of security rules, or other reasons 


1 Payment order terms according to transfer terms and tariffs


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