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NurCard Gold Express

NurCard Gold Express credit lines are provided to customers having Mastercard NurCard Gold cumulative cards without submission of additional documents, and the decision on granting of credit line is made in several minutes.

It gives an opportunity to have a credit line, against which the Bank doesn’t calculate any interest rate in case of absence of the used part; the Bank periodically reviews credit limits and term of the best customers without visitation of a customer.

Nur Card Gold Express credit lines are provided in accordance with crediting terms published by the Bank with privileged conditions and are automatically extended of during service no essential violations of crediting terms are recorded.

The Bank gradually increases the maximal credit limit in case of proper repayments of credit line and based on size of cashless payments in sales outlets being a partner of NurCard program.

Due to MasterCard NURCARD GOLD you may receive new credit line at the amount of 500 000 - 600 000 AMD by 24% interest rate or 1100 – 1500 USD by 14.9% interest rate, and to receive credit line at the amount of 700 000 – 800 000 AMD and 1500 – 2000 USD the acting debtors shall submit a passport and must be registered in the Republic of Armenia.

Debtor must be 21-63 years old.

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