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Instant mobile transfers from Fora-Bank to Ardshinbank

Instant mobile transfers of Fora-Bank ( ) are carried out by non-cash method from Fora-Bank of RF to Ardshinbank of RA. Instant transfers from Fora-Bank to Ardshinbank are carried out through the mobile application of Fora-Bank "ФОРА-ОНЛАЙН " by entering the phone number of the Receiver of the transfer.

1.To make a transfer from Fora-Bank, the Sender needs

  • At the "ФОРА-ОНЛАЙН " mobile application, select the section «Платежи» «Переводы МИГ в Армению (ArdshinBank») далее select the account from which the transfer amount will be withdrawn
  • Select Ardshinbank as the Beneficiary's bank, enter the phone number of the Receiver of the transfer in Ardshinbank (which the Receiver has provided to Ardshinbank), enter the transfer amount
  • Check the name of the Receiver and confirm the transfer

2.To receive a transfer in Ardshinbank, the Receiver needs

  • Have a current or card account in AMD with Ardshinbank.
  • The mobile phone number provided to Ardshinbank must be the current phone number of the client.
  • Provide the Sender from Fora-Bank with the Receiver’s mobile phone number.

Type of operation

Term and Conditions

Direction of transfer

from Russia to Armenia

The sending bank

Fora-Bank JSCB (JSC)

Transfer beneficiary bank

Ardshinbank CJSC

Transfer sending currency


Transfer receipt currency


Description of the Receiver of the transfer

Individual account holder of Ardshinbank

Payment method for transfer

Non-Cash - replenishment to the current account or card of the recipient in AMD 2

Minimum sum for transfer

100 RUB

Maximum sum of transfer

500,000 RUB

Maximum total sum of transfer for a month

500,000 RUB

Working hours of service (availability)

24/7, without day offs

Transaction duration


Transaction Commission chargeable from the Sender

According to the tariffs set by Fora-Bank

Transaction Commission chargeable from the Receiver

not applicable

Use of sum of transfer cash or none-cash

According to the terms of Ardshinbank, regulating the tariffs of the account or card


1 Before crediting the transfer amount to the Beneficiary's account, Ardshinbank automatically converts the transfer amount from Russian rubles into Armenian drams.

2 The choice of the beneficiary's account is carried out by the Bank automatically, selecting the most recent open current account or card in AMD


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