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Bank Accounts

Opening of bank accounts in AMD and foreign currency for individuals are free of charge at "Ardshinbank" CJSC.

Complex account service and instructions connected with settlement and cash operations, which are not prohibited by RA legal acts, are available for Customers. The Customer can make cash deposit and withdrawal operations through the accounts.

For opening an account, the customer should visit any branch of the Bank, pass through a simple identification procedure, which takes only a few minutes.

Customers can get advantage of the many benefits of Mobile and Internet banking services.

It should be noted that after opening an account, customers can fill out powers of attorney on the spot, authorizing other persons to perform further actions related to the account.

Before opening an account, please read the following terms:


Conditions for establishing legal relations with clients for non-residents of the Republic of Armenia for the provision of banking services - valid from 25.04.2022

Type of operation



Opening of an account 1

For resident customers

Free of charge2

For non-resident customers

15,000 AMD3


Account maintenance monthly fee

Free of charge4


Account term



Annual nominal interest rate applied to the daily account balance



Closing of an account

According to client's request

2,500 AMD5

By the initiative of the Bank, if the account(s) balance of the inactive client for the last one year is 0 (zero)

Free of charge6


Minimum balance of account

Not defined


Minimum amount of transaction

Not defined


Maximum amount of transaction

Not defined


Fee for servicing the account(s) of an inactive client7

In the amount of the account balance, if the total balance of the account (s) is AMD 2,500 or less

AMD 2,500, if the total balance of the account (s) is AMD 2,500 or more, and starting from the 13th month for the next non-working period - AMD 1,000 monthly


Information Services 8,9


Delivery of SMS (notification) on debiting and crediting the account
(including notification on deposit and credit accounts), per each message

30 AMD


Providing of duplicate payment documents

In the case of the content of information stored in paper form

For each document with a limitation period of up to 1 year

3,000 AMD

For each document older than 1 year

10,000 AMD, maximum amount charged from one client -50,000 AMD (within one operational day)

In case of availability of information stored in electronic form

1,500 AMD


Providing of statements in the form prescribed by the Bank for certain periods

up to 1 month

Free of charge

from 1 month to 1 year

2,000 AMD

over 1 year

3,000 AMD


Providing of references10

Standard reference in the form defined by the Bank

1,500 AMD11

Non-standard reference in a form different from that defined by the Bank

5,000 AMD

Preparation and providing of replies to audit inquiries (except for banks)

15,000 AMD


Account transaction types 12


Account replenishment

Cash in - at the terms set by the Bank for this service

Non-cash - receiving wires from the accounts of the same client or from the account of another client (also from another bank) - at the terms set by the Bank for this service



Cash withdrawal - at the terms set by the Bank for this service

Non-cash - sending wires to the accounts of the same client or to the account of another client (also to another bank) - at the terms set by the Bank for this service


1  If there is a fee for opening an account, the fee will be charged from each account. Account in AMD is compulsory, moreover, if the Customer opens a foreign currency account (s) at the same time, opening an account in AMD is free of charge. 

2 The tariff of this item is set at the amount of AMD 200 if the account opening is done by the client from the "Mobile-Banking" or "Internet-Banking" systems.

3 Regardless of the number of accounts opened, an additional fee of 50,000 AMD is set, if the Customer is identified remotely, without the physically visiting the Bank. 

4 If a service fee is foreseen, the fee will be charged from each account starting from the month of opening the account on the last day of each month. 

5 The fee is charged separately for each Bank account. The tariff of this item is set at the amount of AMD 0 if the account closing is done by the client from the "Mobile-Banking" or "Internet-Banking" systems. Closing accounts is free of charge for the account which term is more than 12 (twelve) months. 

6 If the client is inactive and all of his accounts for the last year (12 months) have 0 (zero) balance, then it is considered that the Bank did not serve the client, did not provide services, respectively, there is no monthly account maintenance fee and is not charged from the client for this period, If a service fee is foreseen. 

7 For the meaning of this clause, a client who has not performed transactions simultaneously on all accounts within the last one year (12 months) is considered inactive, while the operations on the accounts do not include the incurrence of charges for servicing the account or withdrawal (deduction) of corresponding cash against other obligations of the client to the Bank, as well as cases of collection of funds from an account on the basis of a court decision. 

8 Of the listed information services, the Bank's clients are not provided with documents and/or information, the period of which has expired in the order stipulated by the RA legislation. 

9 Tariffs include Value Added Tax (VAT). 

10 The tariffs specified in this clause are also applicable for non-account holder clients. 

11 The tariff of this item is set at the amount of AMD 1,000 if the reference is created by the client from the "Mobile-Banking" or "Internet-Banking" systems.

12 Unspecified conditions in this document are regulated by the Terms of the Services provided by the Bank and those commissions that are subject to VAT include the VAT.




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