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Bank Accounts

Type of operation



Opening of an account (account in AMD is mandatory)

free of charge


Minimum account balance for an individual person

0 AMD  


Delivery of SMS (notification) on debiting and crediting the account
(including notification on deposit and credit accounts), per each message

30 AMD 1


Information services2

4.1 Provision of duplicate payment documents


If the information is stored in paper

for each document with a limitation period of up to 1 year

3'000 AMD 1

for each document with a limitation period of over 1 year

10'000 AMD, maximum amount charged from one client -50'000 AMD (within one operational day) 1

If the information is stored electronically

1'500 AMD 1

4.2 Provision of statements in the form prescribed by the Bank for certain periods

up to 1 month

free of charge

from 1 month to 1 year

2’000 AMD 1

over 1 year

3’000 AMD 1

4.3 Provision of references


1) Standard reference in the form set by the Bank

1'000 AMD 1

2)  Non-standard reference in a form different from that set by the Bank

5'000  AMD1

4.4 Preparation and provision of replies to audit inquiries (except for banks)

15'000 AMD 1


Fee * for servicing the account(s) of an inactive client:
For the meaning of this clause, a client who has not performed transactions simultaneously on all accounts within the last one year (12 months) is considered inactive, while the operations on the accounts do not include the incurrence of charges for servicing the account or withdrawal (deduction) of corresponding cash against other obligations of the client to the Bank, as well as cases of collection of funds from an account on the basis of a court decision


The fee provided for in this paragraph shall not be levied on the inactive client if the latter has a deposit or a loan at the Bank (extended, but not repaid).

1.  If the total account(s) balance is 2'500 AMD or less:  in the amount of the account balance

2.  If the total account(s) balance is 2'500 AMD or more: 2'500 AMD, and starting from the 13th month for the following non-working period: 1'000 AMD per month





Closing of an account

6.1 According to the client’s application

2'500 AMD

6.2 At the initiative of the Bank, if the account(s) balance of the inactive client for the last one year is 0 (zero)

free of charge


Annual interest rate to the daily balance of the account

0% per annum

*If there is more than one account, a service fee is charged at a time only for one account

1 Tariffs include Value Added Tax (VAT)

2 Of the listed information services, the Bank's clients are not provided with documents and/or information, the period of which has expired in the order stipulated by the RA legislation



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